Visual Quantum Mechanics

Here you can download Mathematica notebooks. They can only be used together with the application Mathematica (

Notebooks explaining the VQM packages

In order to use these notebooks, download and install the VQM packages first.

Plotting complex-valued functions of a real variable. Explains how to fill the space between x-axis and the graph of the absolute value with a color corresponding to the phase. Introduction to the package VQM`ArgColorPlot`. This package was needed to plot all the one-dimensional wave functions in Visual Quantum Mechanics and the spinor-wave functions in Advanced Visual Quantum Mechanics.

Plotting complex-valued functions in two dimensions. Short description of the package VQM`ComplexPlot`. In Visual Quantum Mechanics, this package was used to generate phase-colored density plots of wave functions in two dimensions. Examples are also given in the Mathematica Graphics Gallery and in the Gallery of Complex Functions.

Shows how the package VQM`FastFourier` can be used to compute a numerical approximation of the Fourier transform of a complex function. Explains the ideas and the implementation details of that package in great detail.

Describes the package VQM`Spinors that performs basic operations with two-dimensional complex vectors and Pauli matrices

Shows how to compute a numerical solution of the one-dimensional Schrödinger equation using the package VQM`QuantumKernel`.

Numerical solution of the Schrödinger equation in two dimensions. Introduction to the package VQM`QuantumKernel`. The computations are done using a special application, written in C++ by M. Liebmann. The results are transferred to Mathematica using the MathLink protocol. In Visual Quantum Mechanics, the numerical computations of solutions of the two-dimensional Schrödinger equation have been performed with the help of the package VQM`QuantumKernel`.

Notebooks for the graphics gallery

In order to use these notebooks, download and install the

VQM packages first.

This notebook contains the source code for the images in the complex function gallery. It shows the use of the package VQM`ComplexPlot`.

This notebook generates the images of the Mathematica graphics gallery. It illustrates the package VQM`ComplexPlot`.

Introduction to Mathematica graphics

Introduction to the use of Mathematica graphics commands, plotting in two dimensions, graphics objects, DisplayFunction, graphics primitives.

ContourPlot, DensityPlot, Plot3D and the corresponding graphics objects.

Introduction to package writing