Visual Quantum Mechanics

Articles with quantum-mechanical visualizations

J. Pauschenwein, B. Thaller: Quantum-mechanical wave functions in 3D visualized with AVS.
Computers in Physics, November/December 1996, pp. 558-566
(html, pdf)

B. Thaller: (1998) "Visualization of Wavefunctions", in "The InterCall Book", Trefry and Abbott (Editors), Analytica International, Perth, Western Australia, ISBN 0-646-35666-6.

B. Thaller: The Visualization of Complex Functions, preprint 1996
pdf (3 MB),
notebook without output cells
The final version of this article appeared here: The Mathematica Journal 7(2), 163-180 (1998)

B. Thaller: Visualizing the kinematics of Dirac wave packets (technical report, 2004)
pdf file (340 KB), movies.

B. Thaller: Visionen des UnSEHbaren - Impressionen aus der Welt der Quanten
Lecture given at ZKM Karlsruhe, October 2004 (html)
Article as pdf-file (8.1 MB)