Visual Quantum Mechanics

Complex Function Gallery

This is a collection of visualizations of complex analytic functions. The complex values are represented by colors according to a color map which is also useful for the visualization of wave functions. The phase of the complex number is represented by the hue and the absolute value by the lightness of the color.

Just For Fun

This Mathematica Graphics Gallery has been created for purely aesthetical reasons. Each image shows a detail of a complex-valued function with a special color map. All pictures were generated with the Mathematica package "ComplexPlot" which is has also been used to create the visualizations of "Visual Quantum Mechanics".

Quantum Wave Function Gallery

Here are some images showing quantum mechanical wave functions. In particular, there are some pictures showing states of the hydrogen atom. Other images are snapshots from the quantum time evolution in various situations.

Exhibition: Datenstrukturen: Bernd Thaller: V-Q-M

Inspired by visualizations of electronic states of the hydrogen atom, Ingrid Moschik and GM Kindlinger have created an impressive exhibition of stunning computer art.