Visual Quantum Mechanics

The CD-ROM accompanying Visual Quantum Mechanics contains an application providing quick access to all movies.

The main menu provides quick access to the individual chapters. The size of the stage is 640x480 and is viewed best with a Computer capable of at least 16bit color (thousands of colors).

Click on any of these images to enlarge it (JPEG, 640x480, about 150 KB)

Each chapter contains up to 20 sections which you can access from the chapter menu shown here. Each section contains several animations which are organized in subsections.

A screen from the chapter about the free motion. The QuickTime movie is presented together with some explanations. Additional information is accessible through the buttons.

Screen shot from the chapter about the motion under the influence of boundary conditions.

Screenshot from the chapter about scattering theory

Screenshot from a sequence of sections that explain the scanning tunneling microscope

Screenshot from the chapter about scattering theory. Scattering at a potential consisting of two repulsive circular barriers.