Visual Quantum Mechanics

The CD-ROM accompanying Advanced Visual Quantum Mechanics contains an application "AVQM" that provides quick access to all movies.

The main menu provides quick access to the individual chapters. The size of the stage is 800x600.

Click on any of these images to enlarge it (JPEG, 800x600, about 150 KB)

Each chapter contains several sections which can be reached from the chapter menu shown here. Each section contains several animations which are organized in subsections. The chapter about the Coulomb problem has 25 sections.

A screen from the chapter about the Coulomb potential. The QuickTime movie (in this case a time-dependent superposition of hydrogen states) is presented together with some explanations. Additional information is accessible through the buttons.

AVQM has a presentation mode, where movies can be presented on full stage. Here you can see a snapshot from a movie that shows a wave function on the surface of a sphere (a rigid rotator). At the initial time, this wave function has the shape of the greek letter Psi. This movie serves to illustrate the completeness of the spherical harmonics.

Screen shot from the chapter about qubits. This section presents a simulation of an interaction-free measurement

Screenshot from the chapter about two-particle systems. This is a simulation where you can verify the Bell inequaltiy for a classical system. In quantum mechanics, the Bell inequality is violated (Einstein-Podolski-Rosen paradox)

The index screen of the chapter about relativistic quantum mechanics.

Screenshot from the chapter about the Dirac equation. The scattering at a large potential step is an example of Klein's paradox.