Visual Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Kernel Application

This package has been distributed with the book "Visual Quantum Mechanics". It is provided here for compatibility reasons. For "Advanced Visual Quantum Mechanics", the packages have been changed a bit. They are now all distributed in a folder /AddOns/Applications/VQM/. The new VQM packages can be obtained here.


Here you can download the folder "QuantumMechanics" as a compressed archive. The folder contains the application QuantumKernel. In order to install this software, move this folder into your Mathematica application folder into AddOns/Applications/.

The package implements commands for solving quantum mechanical evolution equations with Mathematica. The equations are treated numerically with an external C++ program linked to Mathematica with the MathLink protocol. On a Macintosh, one can see the evolution of the wave packet in real time in a separate window.

The quantum kernel application was written by Manfred Liebmann in partial fulfillment of his diploma thesis. Some minor additions are due to Wolfgang Thaller.

Visual Quantum Mechanics contains many examples on the use of QuantumKernel for the solution of the Schrödinger equation in one and two dimensions.

Download now:

Macintosh OS-9: StuffIt archive, binhex'd StuffIt archive

Macintosh OS-X: StuffIt archive, demo notebook with installation instructions.

Windows: zip archive

The source code is also available. StuffIt archive