Visual Quantum Mechanics

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OpenGL-based visualization software for the visualization of high-dimensional data in 3D. Visualize complex-valued data fields in three dimensions with phase-colored isosurfaces or slice planes. Visualize vector fields with flux lines. Export animations. Hydrogen wave functions are built-in.

The VQM packages

These Mathematica packages are useful for creating movies similar to those found in (Advanced) Visual Quantum Mechanics. They provide Mathematica commands for the visualization of complex-valued functions and quantum-mechanical wave functions. Auxiliary packages define the solutions of the Schrödinger equation for various situations.

The source code (Mathematica Notebooks) for the movies coming with Advanced Visual Quantum Mechanics can be found on the CD-ROMs accompanying this book.

Information about Mathematica:

The Macintosh-version of the software distributed with the book "Visual Quantum Mechanics" runs under Mac OS 9 and under the classic environment of OS-X. Upgrading to an OS X native version requires you to download a file of about 2.3 MB and to copy the contents of the CD-ROM to your hard disk.

Software for "Visual Quantum Mechanics" (Book One):

These packages are provided for use with the older notebooks in "Visual Quantum Mechanics" (Book One). The notebooks for Book One cannot use the VQM packages. Note that the new VQM packages do not conflict with the older packages. They can be used simultaneously.

Additional Mathematica notebooks:

These notebooks give a general introduction to Mathematica graphics and illustrate the application of some of the packages above.