Visual Quantum Mechanics

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The homepage of Carlos Stroud's research group at the University of Rochester contains images and animations of quantum wave packets with an emphasis on the classical limit of quantum mechanics (Rydberg states of hydrogen atoms).

This site contains visualizations of quantum mechanical processes from the Bohmian mechanics group in Innsbruck. (Thanks to Gebhard Grübl and Sabine Kreidl.) Bohmian mechanics is an interesting hidden variable model of quantum mechanics that is successful at least in the case of a single nonrelativistic particle.

HydrogenLab by Patrick Bronner contains movies and Java applets for the visualization of the hydrogen atom. In particular, this site visualizes a model for the transition between hydrogen states.

Gabor Varga investigates thermal energy atomic scattering from solid surfaces. He has some nice animations of the scattering process both in position and momentum space.

Atom in a Box
Download the incredibly fast program (Macintosh only) for the real-time visualization of the quantum mechanical atomic orbitals. Written by Dean Dauger, student winner in Computers In Physics' Ninth Annual Software Contest.

Quantum Atomica,
is a program developed specifically to visualise the hydrogen orbitals in a variety of ways. There are plenty of images that Quantum Atomica has produced there, as well as lots of information about them. The program is primarily aimed at teachers teaching physics or chemistry in secondary schools (contrib. Rahul Vohra).

The Rick Heller group has a gallery of nice physics images.

Multimedia book on Quantum Mechanics
by Kristel Michielsen and Hans De Raedt.
Get information about a multimedia CD containing three presentations: Quantum Mechanics, Electron Focussing, and Andreev Reflection. The page Quantum Mechanics contains a demo.

Physics Education Group: Visual Quantum Mechanics.
When the title Visual Quantum Mechanics for my own book was suggested by the editors of Springer-Verlag, I was unaware that a project with the same name already existed. These projects do not compete directly. The Visual Quantum Mechanics project of the Physics Education Group of the Kansas State University involves the development of instructional units that introduce quantum physics to high school and college students who do not have a background in modern physics or higher-level math. Only quite recently, the Physics Education Group has started to produce material for science students too.

Time dependent Schrödinger equation.
This document presents the results of the solution of the time dependent Schrodinger equation for one- and two dimensional one particle systems.
Simulation results for different V(r) potentials are displayed as images and animation. The program to calculate the images is also available. See also their mailing list devoted to physics education programs! (TU Budapest, Geza I Mark)

Schrödinger wave equation simulation
by the Physics Department of the Boston University. Describes the visualization of solutions of the Schrödinger equation and some numerical methods. Contains a Java applet which allows you to play around with a free Gaussian wave packet.

Wave packet scattering in one dimension
by Andrew Edgar, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. QuickTime movies dating from the year1996.

Manfred Liebmann's homepage
contains some movies of the two-dimensional Schrödinger, Pauli, and Dirac operators. Manfred Liebmann is the main developer of the quantum kernel software.

2D Scattering in Quantum Mechanics
by Ivan Hip (Institute of Theoretical Physics of Uni Graz)

Quantum mechanics in physical chemistry.
A presentation of quantum mechanics with slides and movies from the Squier Group, University of California in San Diego

The Strange World of Quantum Mechanics
homepage of a book by Dan Styer , with MS-DOS software for the visualization of quantal wavefunctions.

Visual Quantum Mechanics and Visual Arts
An internet exhibition by Ingrid MOSCHIK and GM KINDLINGER