Visual Quantum Mechanics

VQM packages


This is a collection of programs ("packages") for the computer-algebra system Mathematica. The VQM packages contain tools for the visualization of complex-valued functions, wave functions, and for the numerical solution of the Schrödinger and Dirac equation. They contain packages defining free Gaussian wave packets, Coulomb wave functions, etc. All symbols defined in the VQM packages start with the letter Q in order to prevent conflicts with existing symbols.

New version for Mathematica 6

The book Advanced Visual Quantum Mechanics. was accompanied by a collection of Mathematica packages that are needed to reproduce the movies of this book. These packages have been updated for Mathematica Version 6 by Rolf Mertig (Gluonvision).

Warning: The documentation has only been partially updated. Use these packages at your own risk!

----- Download the new M6 Version now -----

Zip archive, about 15 MB. Contains the Mathematica 6 packages, documentation, source code, and binaries for Mac, Win, Linux. You need the application Mathematica in order to use these packages.

The zip archive expands into a folder VQM. In order to install, put this folder into /AddOns/Applications/ of your Mathematica folder.

Version for Mathematica 5

Here are the original VQM Mathematica packages, as distributed with the book Advanced Visual Quantum Mechanics. You need these packages and Mathematica version 5.2 in order to evaluate the notebooks on the cover CD of the textbook Advanced Visual Quantum Mechancis.

Download: (about 500 KB)
zip archive StuffIt archive

Unpacking the archive gives a folder VQM containing the VQM packages, the application QuantumKernel (a version for Mac and a version for Windows), and a readme file containing these installation instructions.

Place the folder VQM inside the Mathematica application folder, into the sub-directory AddOns/Applications/

Start Mathematica and rebuild the Help Browser (see Mathematica's Help menu).

Packages for Book One

The VQM packages encompass the functionality of the packages distributed with Visual Quantum Mechanics "Book One". However, the notebooks on the cover CD of Book One need the old packages, if used unmodified. Here are the old packages for download:

ComplexPlot.m, ArgColorPlot.m, and QuantumKernel.m


The VQM packages have been used to create many of the animations and illustrations for the book Advanced Visual Quantum Mechanics, as well as for this web site. I do not claim that they are useful for any other purpose. I have made no particular effort to write the most elegant or efficient code. Download and use at your own risk.

Sample notebooks, documentation (for the older versions):

Documentation is also available via Mathematica's Help Browser (after rebuilding the Help Browser Index). Several hundred notebooks demonstrating the use of the VQM packages are distributed with Advanced Visual Quantum Mechanics (these notebooks contain the source code for the movies).